Ahora las sandías surgen como competidores del Viagra

(EFE).- Las sandías contienen ingredientes similares a los del online pharmacy viagra y su consumo podrían aumentar la libido y la capacidad amatoria de una persona, afirmó hoy un estudio difundido por científicos de la Universidad A&M de Texas.

El Viagra, así como Cialis y Levitra, son fármacos recetados para prevenir la disfunción eréctil al dilatar los vasos sanguíneos.

"Cuanto más estudiamos las sandías, más nos convencemos de lo asombrosa que es la fruta al proporcionar elementos de fortalecimiento al cuerpo humano", dijo Bhimu Patil, director del Centro de Mejora de Frutas y Vegetales de la Universidad A&M.

"Sabíamos que la sandía es buena para la salud, pero la lista de sus beneficios se alarga con cada estudio", añadió.

Según los científicos, las claves de los beneficios agregados del consumo de sandía están en su contenido de citrulina, una sustancia que tiene la capacidad de producir un relajamiento de los vasos capilares.

Además, al ser convertida esa sustancia en un aminoácido llamado arginina, "produce maravillas en el corazón, en el sistema circulatorio y mantiene un buen sistema inmunológico", agregó.

"Es posible que la sandía no sea tan específica en cuanto a su uso como el Viagra, pero (su consumo) es una buena forma de dilatar los vasos sanguíneos sin producir efectos secundarios", indicó Patil en una conferencia de prensa.

Y los beneficios de la sandía no terminan allí. La arginina también ayuda en el ciclo de la urea al eliminar el amoníaco y otros compuestos tóxicos del cuerpo.

Existe un problema, sin embargo. Las mayores concentraciones de citrulina están en la parte blanca de la sandía, aquella que generalmente no se consume.

El próximo paso es entonces, dijo Patil, trabajar con nuevas variedades de sandías en las que las mayores concentraciones de esa sustancia estén en su jugosa y roja carne, no en la cáscara.

Tips for Healthy Eating During Pregnancy
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You probably already know how important it is to eat a well-balanced diet, but it is even more important when you are pregnant. Keep in mind now you are eating for two. Whatever you eat, the baby eats as well. In fact the baby actually takes your nourishments so you must eat enough for both of you. The healthier you eat the better it is for the pregnancy and you.

Never miss a meal while you are pregnant, especially breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and your baby has probably been waiting since he/she woke up in the middle of the night. You may learn that if you wait so long before eating you start to feel sick, this is your body telling you to eat. Do it!

Make sure you are getting enough of the food you need daily. It takes 4-6 servings of dairy produce a day for a healthy pregnancy, this can include some cheeses, milk, yogurt. This provides the baby with calcium which it'll need to develop healthy growing bones. Adding extra calcium to your diet wouldn't hurt you either, especially your teeth and bones.

Don't forget about your fruit and vegetable servings. Lots of green is always a good choice, so are sweet potatoes. Not only will you be giving your body what it needs but you'll start to have more energy. Try laying off the sweets for a week and replace them with healthier items and see how alive you feel.

Foods to Avoid Not all foods are safe during your pregnancy, there are a few things you should avoid eating:

- unpasteurized products- brie and other soft cheeses if unpateurized.

- Certain fish- exotic, shark, swordfish, anything potentially high in mercury

- Raw eggs

- Undercooked meats- lunch meats. If you are buying a deli sandwich you can ask for them to heat the meat up a little.

- Caffeine- soda, chocolate. If you find this difficult you can wean yourself off, but the less caffeine in your system the better it is for the baby.

If you are ever unsure of the foods you can eat, you can ask your doctor for a list of items to avoid during pregnancy. They'll be more than happy to share this with you.

You may also learn that your stomach won't handle certain foods that it would before. Some of those foods may include foods that contain grease, fast foods, meat, and certain foods that have a strong odor.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to cut out all the fun in your life, you can still treat yourself from time to time. Go out and get a frozen yogurt or a smoothie.

While you are making sure you get enough to eat throughout the day, that doesn't mean neglecting your fluid intake. You'll need lots of water and juices from here on out. The baby will thank you later. Who knows, you may discover that you really enjoy eating healthier meals and continue it even after the pregnancy.

Health benefits of Chlorophyll

[Extracted from the web page of www.nutritional-supplements-health-guide.com]

Chlorophyll is actually responsible for the green pigmentation in plants. What does chlorophyll do ? Chlorophyll is what absorbs energy from the sun to facilitate photosynthesis in plants. Chlorophyll to plants is like blood to humans. It is important in many plant metabolic functions such as growth and respiration.

Interestingly, chlorophyll is chemically similar in composition to that of human blood, except that the central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium, while iron is central in human blood. This, and the fact that chlorophyll is central in plan metabolism, had prompted scientists to find out if chlorophyll can offer similar benefits to humans. A number of chlorophyll researches have been focused on finding out the potential chlorophyll health benefits in humans.

Chlorophyll has been seen to provide health benefits to those who take them. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Here are some of the known chlorophyll benefits :

• It has been seen to help in the growth and repair of tissues.

• Chlorophyll helps in neutralizing the pollution that we breathe in and intake everyday - a good supplement for smokers

• It efficiently delivers magnesium and helps the blood in carrying the much needed oxygen to all cells and tissues.

• It is also found to be useful in assimilating and chelating calcium and other heavy minerals.

• It had been seen to have a good potential in stimulating red blood cells to improve oxygen supply.

• Along with other vitamins such as A, C and E, chlorophyll has been seen to help neutralize free radicals that do damage to healthy cells.

• Chlorophyll is also an effective deodorizer to reduce bad breath, urine, fecal waste, and body odor.

• It may reduce the ability of carcinogens to bind with the DNA in different major organs in the body.

• Chlorophyll may be useful in treating calcium oxalate stone ailments

• It possesses some anti-atherogenic activity as well.

• It can be used to treat infected wounds naturally.

• These are only a few of the multitude benefits that chlorophyll can do to the body.

• It has antimutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties so that it may be helpful in protecting your body against toxins and in reducing drug side effects.

The only obvious chlorophyll sources are green leafy plants. However, cooking destroys much of the chlorophyll. If you want to enjoy the aforementioned benefits of chlorophyll, it is best to get your regular supply through chlorophyll supplements. Chlorophyll extracts, chlorophyll liquid solutions and chlorophyll cheap cialis are now widely available and can be bought in local drug and health stores. Whether they are in liquid of tablet form, chlorophyll benefits can allow you to enjoy a stronger immune system, strong set of tissues and organs, and a naturally healthy body and life.

2008 Wayne County Dairy Day/Ag Day

The “30th Annual Wayne County Dairy Day/Ag Day” is scheduled for Monday, February 18th, from about 10:00 AM to 3:15 PM, at the Honesdale High School, Terrace Street, in Honesdale, PA.

This year’s event will feature the normal timely dairy industry-related information and new technology to area dairy farm families. In addition, different livestock, forestry agronomic, vegetable, general agriculture and agriculture information groups, associations and research and promotion groups have been invited to exhibit and participate and to inform people involved in the dairy and agriculture businesses in Wayne County and Pennsylvania.

Exhibitors and participants in this year’s “Dairy Day/Ag Day” will have an opportunity to present this important information through displays, exhibits, informal talks, demonstrations and one-on-one conversations.

This year’s “Dairy Day/Ag Day” will once again feature the popular “Ask the Experts!” forum where attendees can converse and gather information from participants in a one-on-one format!

Scheduled to participate in this part of “Dairy Day/Ag Day” are: “4-H Gets Your Motor Runnin’”, Kim C. Mikulak, Wayne County 4-H Program Coordinator, Wayne County Cooperative Extension, “Is Your Farm Earning Extra Income For You and Your Family?”, John Berry, Extension Educator/Ag Marketing, Lehigh County Cooperative Extension, Allentown, PA, “Use of Farm Manure In 2008 Wayne County Cropping Systems”, Dave Messersmith, Extension Educator – Agronomy, Wayne County Cooperative Extension, “Growing Berries In Northeastern Pennsylvania”, John Esslinger, Extension Educator/Agriculture-Commercial Horticulture, Lackawanna County Cooperative Extension, Scranton, Pa, “Solar, Wind and Biodiesel Energy Systems For Homes and Farms”, Rich Brinkman, Rich Brinkman’s Alternative Energy Supplies, Hamlin, PA, “Wells, Water Testing and West Nile Virus Program”, Pat Mohn, Wayne County Cooperative Extension and Wayne County West Nile Virus Program and “Addressing Effective Fiber Utilization In Dairy Cattle Rations”, Janet Deken Smith, Dairy Farm Consultant, Cargill Animal Nutrition.

The “Wayne County Dairy Promotion Committee” will be at the “Dairy Day/Ag Day”. The “2007-2008 Wayne County Dairy Princess, Alternate Dairy Princess, Dairy Maids and Dairy Ambassadors” will have their promotional materials and educational displays available for all attendees to observe and enjoy.

Also, some health testing and screenings for farm workers and families, will be offered by the Wayne County Office – Pennsylvania Department of Health, Wayne Memorial purchase cialis and Wayne Memorial cialis Health Services, and the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute.

The popular milk, cheese, ice cream and specialty meats bars will be set-up near the exhibit area courtesy of area dairy producers, dairies, ice cream manufacturers, meat processors and the “Dairy Day/Ag Day” exhibitors, participants and supporters.

Door prizes, supported by the “2008 Wayne County Dairy Day/Ag Day” Planning Committee and exhibitors, participants and supporters, will be awarded throughout the day.

A buffet lunch, prepared by “The Red Schoolhouse” staff, will also be served to all dairy and agriculture farm families courtesy of the “2008 Wayne County Dairy Day/Ag Day” exhibitors, participants and supporters.

For additional information about the “2008 Wayne County Dairy Day/Ag Day,” please contact Ed Pruss at the Wayne County Cooperative Extension by dialing 570 253-5970, extension 4110, by fax at: 570 253-9478 or via email at: edp4@psu.edu.

For inquiries about participating in the “2008 Wayne County Dairy/Ag Day” as an exhibitor, a participant or as a supporter, please contact Ed Pruss at the Wayne County Cooperative Extension at the above listed telephone, fax or email information.

Click here for a printable 2008 Wayne County Dairy/Ag Day brochure.


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